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ArmaSkin Anti Blister

Unique solution for blisters—exclusively on Amazon U.S. from Zurety.

ArmaSkin: The Zurety Difference

ArmaSkins are known as “Extreme Anti-Blister” socks, but they’re not what first comes to mind when most people think of socks. They apply an entirely unique technology, to create a friction-free surface against the skin, unlike any other anti-blister sock on the market. Detailed instructions are provided to guide new customers and ensure they experience incredible results.

Zurety became the exclusive Amazon U.S. distributor of ArmaSkin anti-blister socks on Amazon when our CEO was training to hike Mt. Whitney—which at over 14,000 ft. is not a hike to take lightly. “If you get a blister, you can’t escape it,” he reported—and then hunted worldwide until he found ArmaSkin. 

Read about the full ArmaSkin story on the manufacturer’s website.

ArmaSkin Now and Future

Currently, we sell ArmaSkin only on Amazon, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes and lengths. Outside the U.S., find out where to buy ArmaSkins on the manufacturer’s website linked above.

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