Fitzroy & Fox Kitchenware

Fitzroy & Fox: The Zurety Difference

The first product under the Fitzroy & Fox brand is a set of exceptional stainless steel kitchen bowls. The sets have been sold on Amazon for a number of years, and boast over 1,400 customer reviews with an overall 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

This set is a good match for the Zurety standards, because they combine premium materials, attractive design, lots of extra features, safety and attention to detail, and excellent value. With silicone lids and ridged bottoms, rounded lips and pour spouts, and nestable profile, these sets are made to last a lifetime of hard duty.

The line is expanding to more set sizes and more colors, and the brand’s reputation will be an asset for select kitchenware developments.

Fitzroy & Fox Now and Future

The Fitzroy & Fox current 3-bowl set is distributed through Amazon, where it has been a best seller for several years. 

The next generation for the bowl sets is the addition of colors and expanded sizes and sets. Other kitchenware items are on our planning horizon.

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Partner With Fitzroy & Fox

Fitzroy & Fox is an established brand, well-known for the unique features and high quality of our current sets of multipurpose bowls. As we expand our options for these bowls and seek additional products in this category, we welcome inquiries from potential partners in the following categories:

  • Retailers and Resellers, online and physical
  • Affiliates who can help us promote our products to expanded markets
  • Home improvement experts and influencers who are seeking widely-needed products with a clear differentiation within the category

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