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About Zurety

Since 2015 Zurety, LLC has been offering some of the best brands on the planet.

From a single item in our first year, Zurety has grown, through our own efforts and key partnerships, to a collection of four brands and dozens of products. 

Our Products

What kinds of products? First and foremost, products that give buyers a higher level of functionality and durability at a better price point, compared to anything else they can find. We exhaustively research similar products to spot their points of failure and missing features. Then we work to solve these problems, while holding or lowering costs. 

If a product is not an outstanding value proposition for the end user, it’s not part of our brands. Period.

That said, we currently have products in four segments–appliance accessories, kitchen wares, outdoor recreation, and counterfeit detection—and their curated brand families: Kelaro, Fitzroy & Fox, Entrust Pro, and ArmaSkin.

Continuous Momentum

Zurety’s growth has been a steady upward trajectory, powered by increased awareness and exponential online growth.

We firmly believe our quality/price equation is the foundation for our success. We work behind the scenes with great partners, paying careful attention to product placement strategies, and learning from our customers and our suppliers.

Several new products are on the drawing boards, including some that will be unveiled in the short term. We invite queries from prospective partners and affiliates.

Interesting in working with Zurety? Let’s start the conversation.